Who Is Paul Merson Ex Wife Lorraine Fletcher? Find About His Current Girlfriend And Earnings

Who Is Paul Merson Ex Wife Lorraine Fletcher? Find About His Current Girlfriend And Earnings

Paul Merson has long moved on from his ex-wife Lorraine Fletcher and is married for the third time with his third wife. The former Arsenal star is not only famous for his football career but also has spoken about with love life in public.

Paul Merson has had a distinguished career as a footballer winning the first Division which is now known as the premier League two times with his team Arsenal. The former footballer Merson started originally played as a forward and later gained recognition as an attacking midfielder and playmaker. However, the midfielder’s was highly addicted to drugs and alcohol which has had a negative effect on both his personal and professional life personal. 

Paul Merson Ex Wife Lorraine Fletcher

Paul Merson was firstly married to his ex-wife Lorraine Fletcher. Merson has not revealed much about his past the couple were married for ten years before finally getting divorced in 2000.

Merson and Fletcher are parents to three sons and one of their sons, Sam has followed in his father’s footsteps and has become a football player. Sam Merson currently plays for Hanworth Villa where he plays as a forward.

Paul Merson Brother

Paul Merson hasn’t given many details about his brother but he spoke about living with him in the same house along with Paulgascoigne and his friend Jimmy Gardner. The footballer mentioned living his best life and playing drinking games for fun when they didn’t have football practice.

Merson reminisced about his days with his flatmates how they just drank loads of red wine in a massive and played games like popping sleeping pills where the last one to fall asleep wins all of their money.

Paul Merson Girlfriend

Paul Merson doesn’t have a girlfriend as he is a married man who is currently with Kate Merson. Prior to being wed to Kate, the football pundit married Louise Merson after separating from his first wife. However, his second marriage also couldn’t last long and the couple got divorced in 2013. Paul has twin daughters from his second marriage to Louise.

Merson tied the know for the third time with Kate and they already have three children together. His third child was born just at the beginning of 2021 and Paul announced that news when he was on the air. The 52-year-old ex-footballer is now a father of 8 children who he shared with three different women.

Paul Merson Family

Paul Merson has not disclosed much about his family and his early life. The Sky Sports pundit was born in Harlesden, London and lived there until he started playing junior career for Arsenal in 1984.

Besides Arsenal, Merson has gone to play for various clubs like Middlesborough, Ashton Villa, Portsmouth, Walsall and Tamworth.

Paul Merson Net Worth

Paul Merson has had an active career in football since first starting off in 1984 and has accumulated a significant amount of net worth. He is estimated to have a net worth of around $13 million.

The football icon was previously has a gambling problem that affected his marriage with his first wife. Paul’s former wife stated that the midfielder had gambled away £7million and caused a problem in their relationship even if it didn’t bring a financial strain on his family.