PDC: Martijn Kleermaker & His Wikipedia  

Talking about Martijn Kleermaker Wikipedia, he was born in Harderwijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kleermaker was born on February 19, 1991, and is 30 years of age.

Nothing much about his personal life is revealed to the world. 

After speaking to RTL7 and describing the 2019 World Masters as a "catastrophe," Martijn revealed his intention to compete at Q School 2020.

At European Q School, Kleermaker became the first person to win a PDC Tour Card.

His 2020 and 2021 plans were to compete on the ProTour.

Unfortunately, he had to withdraw from the 2021 PDC World Darts Championship because he contacted COVID-19.

By tossing darts at the board, a player earns points.

He is serious about his career as he is placed in the top 50 globally.

Martijn Kleermaker Height Reveal

Martijn Kleermaker has not officially revealed his height as of now. However, it is well known that the artist is around 6 feet tall.

However, it does not play a significant role in darting as it is a more extensive matter of practice and consistency. 

Other than that, nothing about Kleermaker is known.

We will update this detail as soon as it is made public. 

Martijn Kleermaker Family

Martijn Kleermaker has not talked about his family as of now. However, his biography can be extracted from his website.

Hierden, the champions' village, was where he spent his boyhood.

Martijn's drive to become a great athlete was evident when he was young.

He did everything he saw on the TV. If there was tennis playing on TV, he went outside and played, whether it was +20 or -20 degrees.

Then one day, darts appeared on TV, then the rest is history.