Is Judge Peter Cahill Married? Wife And Family Details

Is Judge Peter Cahill Married? Wife And Family Details

Meet Peter Cahill wife and personal details as the judge in the Derek Chauvin case is orchestrating one of the nation’s most talked-about murder trials.

Peter Cahill is an American judge of the Minnesota 4th District Court Position 32. Moreover, he has assumed office in 2007, and his current terms end on January 4, 2027. He has also worked for the Hennepin County Public Defender’s office and also joined Colich’s criminal defense firm.

As all eyes turn to Derek Chauvin’s murder trial in George Floyd’s death incident, the limelight is also on Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill.

Peter Cahill Wife: Is The Judge Married?

Peter Cahill is living a blissful life with his wife.

Of course, Peter Cahill is a married man. Not just married, the judge and his wife have four children. One of their sons is Sean Cahill, an assistant Hennepin County attorney who has also served as a public defender.

Moreover, Cahill’s wife was a longtime clerical supervisor in the office. But, her actual identity is yet to get disclosed.

Peter Cahill Family Details To Know

Peter Cahill is living merrily with his family.

We’re known that he is living quite a happy life with his wife and children.

When it comes to his parents, he was born to his late father, Jerome Cahill. But, his mother’s detail is still concealed. 

Peter Cahill Political Party Explored

Peter Cahill Political party is still out of sight.

Being the judge, Peter is supposedly not associated with any political party. So, there is no relevant information about his associated political party thus far.  

Everything On George Floyd Case

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahil is taking in-charge of the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

You can find Peter Cahill’s challenges on leading Derek Chauvin’s trial on Star Tribune.

Peter Cahill Net Worth: How Much?

Peter Cahill net worth is yet to be unearthed as of 2021.

There’s a research team placed in order to find out Peter’s net worth.

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