Photograph: Who Is Playboy Bunny Marilyn Cole?

Her original pictorials during magazine coverage were photographed by Alexas Urba. She also became 1973's Playmate of the Year - the only Briton to hold the title.

Before she was interviewed by Playboy Bunny at the London Playboy Club, she was working for £12 weekly at the Portsmouth Co-op Fuel Office. She worked as a bunny from 1971 to 1974.

Victor Lownes noticed her and test photographed from the magazine who later married her. She revealed that she could earn more than 333 times her weekly wage by taking one photo.

She revealed to 'Fox,' she was paid $5000 for one photo which is approximately $33,3247 or £25,000 on today's value. At that time, she earned just $15 a week. 

The model said, "For me, the Playboy organization showed me respect as a woman. It allowed me to be free in a way that wasn't common in those days." Her parents supported her.

They had mixed feeling about her nude modeling, but they were cool enough not to be judgmental. She said, her dad used to take her photo, and show them to her mates. 

Marilyn Cole Obituary - Is She Dead or Alive?

Marilyn cole doesn't have any obituary as she is still alive. It is normal for celebrities to get into rumors. There were hoaxes on her death, but we have to be careful following such news.

She was married to former Playboy executive Victor Lownes, who was one of the highest-paid executives. He passed away in 2017. Later she started working as a journalist.

The model traveled from London where she'd worked as a bunny in the Playboy restaurant to Chicago, where she met Hugh Hefner and stayed in the Playboy mansion.

What Is Marilyn Cole Age?

Marilyn Cole was born on 7 May 1949 in Gosport, Hampshire, England. She is 72 years of age as of January 2022, and as per astrology, she is a Taurus.

She was twenty-one years old when she started doing modeling for Playboy back in 1972. She said she did not do it for money but, posing naked made her feel powerful.

Her interests included the tango, which she studied under Paul Pellicoro, and has partnered with actor Brian Cox. She writes on professional boxing, which she began covering in 2000.