Photos: Sarah Jayne Dunn Hollyoaks Husband 

You can watch photos of Jonathan Smith, the husband of star actress Sarah Jayne Dunn, on her Instagram handle @sarahjaynedunn

Sarah's partner, Jonathan, is a personal trainer and massage therapist. The couple tied the knot in the year 2018.

Sarah and Jonathan are said to have met in the gym where Jonathan used to work, and Sarah usually went. 

The lovely couple lives in Cheshire with their son in their bungalow. You can get a glimpse of their home by following them on social media. 

Sarah Jayne Dunn Salary And Net Worth 

Sarah earned a good living as an actress. However, her earnings skyrocketed after uploading content to several other websites. 

Talking about her riches, Sarah has an estimated net worth of $9 million, according to sportskeeda.  

Her long-standing relationship with Channel 4 provided the majority of her earnings.

However, she recently lost her job there because she was unable to reach an agreement with her employers regarding the 18 plus content on OnlyFans.

Nonetheless, based on her whereabouts, we can confirm that Sarah and her family lead a comfortable lifestyle, implying that they have several other options for making a decent living.

Sarah Jayne Dunn video on Twitter and Reddit

Sarah Jayne Dunn has become the hot topic on Twitter and Reddit. 

It all began when Sarah's fans leaked racy and spicy photos of her on the internet.

According to reports, the leaked photos were shared by some people who had obtained them from an adult subscription service. 

Rumors circulated that Sarah was devastated and shocked to learn that her private photos had gone viral. But soon, her representatives reached out to the Mirror, saying the actress is not horrified at all.

The representatives also stated that this is par for the course with any online platform. And that they had all anticipated it. 

Sarah is said to have started uploading adult content to the internet after she was unable to support herself solely through the Chester-based show. 

Sarah Jayne Dunn Child

Sarah Jayne Dunn and her partner together have a son. 

At the moment, the handsome blonde child seems to be around six years old. 

Besides sharing photographs of their kid occasionally, Sarah and Johnathan have not shared much about him.

Nonetheless, since Sarah had a troubled childhood and got into problems growing up, it is evident that she will give the best possible life to her kids.