Pictures: Who Is Amber Baptiste? Age And Wiki

Amber Baptiste is the woman who accused Micheal of sexual and psychical assault and drugging her. She further claimed that he kept her as a sex slave.

According to her lawsuit, she used to work at a strip club in Texas. She claims that she was trafficked to the United States from Canada when she was only 15 years old.

The former stripper said that she tolerated multiple counts of forced sodomy from the tech billionaire. She also revealed that she led a life of gruesome torture as Micheal used her as a human doll. 

Amber Baptiste: Michael Goguen Ex-Girlfriend-Relationship Details

Michael Goguen had multiple mistresses domestically and internationally. He has also been married to for a number of times.

He had two kids with his first wife. Micheal remarried for the second time only months after split with his first wife in 2001.

Amber Baptiste claimed that he was still pursuing her after the marriage. In 2006, he got divorced again and promised to devote himself to her, said Amber. One of his wives was a model and owned the Naked Princess boutique in Jordana Woodland.

Amber Baptiste Net Worth And Instagram 

Amber Baptiste's net worth is not known to the public. She sued Micheal for $40 million for hurting her mentally and physically. So, if she wins the case, she might be worth millions.

There are no traces of Amber's Instagram account. However, Amber is active on Twitter with the username @AmberlBaptiste. She has over 60 followers on the platform.

Amber Baptiste Allegations Against Michael Goguen Explained

Amber Baptiste's lawsuit against Micheal reveals how he constantly abused and tortured her. She includes specific details about the things that Micheal did to her.

In one incident, after forced sodomy, Amber's rear end was ripped 17 centimeters. She was left bleeding by Micheal in a foreign hotel room. 

She could've died of a hemorrhage because of the blood she lost. In another incident, she claimed that the billionaire carnally tortured her for over 6 six hours. She also has mentioned that Micheal used to mentally abuse her.

According to Micheal's employees, Micheal had a sexual encounter with 5000 women, and some of them were also minors.

They allegedly have a spreadsheet with the name of all 5000 women who suffered from Micheal's lust.