Aaron Michael Age And Wikipedia

Aaron Michael is of age 39, born in Moorefield, West Virginia.

Aaron witnessed the death of his mother at a very early age. Therefore, he was a fighter and a survivor from such an early age. Michael was raised by his grandparents.

Michael did not go to any type of fashion school and taught himself entirely in the basement of a friend.

He started by designing for the drag races at the age of 20. From there, he proceeded to gay bars. theatres, drag queens and eventually, national pageants. New Orleans Fashion Week was his breakthrough in fashion.

Now, at the age of 39, he owns his own fashion line Aaron Michael Costume Shoppe.

Aaron Michael Instagram

Aaron Michale has an Instagram profile at @realaaronmichael.

95% of his posts are of his designs rather than his personal photos. There are also a few photos of various models nailing his designs, of runways and photoshoots.

Looking at his Instagram, his designs are vibrant with many shiny colours in contrast. With such creative and illusive designs, he could be one of the top contestants on the show.

Aaron Michael Net Worth

Aaron Michael should have a net worth of a couple hundred thousand dollars.

As per Indeed, the calculated mean salary of a designer is supposedly around $74,410. Meanwhile, a successful designer can earn anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000.

Michael is considered quite a successful person, as he owns his own fashion line. He also has a good reputation on many extravagant runways.

It is a bit strenuous to track how the designer spends his net worth. There is minimal to null hints of any personal life on social media.

However, looking at his design evolutions, it is clear that he accumulated substantial fortune.