Katie Kortman Instagram

Katie Kortman develops her portfolio on Instagram at @katiekortmanart.

She even shares her process of designing her clothes and the entire setting around it. We can get a sense of immense optimism from her cloth designs.

After establishing her own clothing brand, Katie Kortman Clothing, her Instagram is now invaded by a series of posts dedicated for promotion. Make sure to give her a follow for different, unique and happy clothes.

Katie Kortman Net Worth

Katie Kortman has an estimated net worth of at least $100,000.

Based on a research, an average fashion designer has a net worth of $100,000+ with an average salary of $73,000 as recorded by US News.

Most of her fortune comes from her fabric sales. Having a Master's degree in Teaching Art, she also earns a part of her net worth by teaching younger age generation kids.

However, teaching is not her major profession and something she does in her free time.

As a married couple, she also shares the her total value with her military husband. So, the actual worth and value of her could even surpass the above-estimated value.

Project Runway: Katie Kortman Age Wikipedia

Katie Kortman seems to be of age 50-60 years old, based on her appearance and Instagram details. 

Similarly, she is also a mother of four children who are her world.

Yes, along with designing such creative clothes, she also needs to take care of four children day and night. Kortman did not expect to be a fashion designer initially but yet knew sewing efficiently.

After marrying a military doctor, she moved a lot as he was deployed in various places. She drew inspiration from such places and decided to make her own clothes rather than buying one. 

Even before this, she was used to the nomadic lifestyle working in Chicago, Utah, Florida and so on. The personal hobby later evolved into a profession.