Projekt Melody: Wiki Age

Projekt Melody, a VTuber's bio can be found on Wikipedia.

Melody's actual age is 20 years old or says created in 2000 on the 7th of July.

Melody is active on Twitter as @ProjektMelody, where she has over 436k followers as of now, June 2021. 

In her bio, she has mentioned she is a Hentai AI and VTuber. 

Apart from Twitch and Twitter, she is available on various social media platforms such as Youtube and Patreon. She is available on YouTube as ProjektMelody where she has more than 495k subscribers. 

On Patreon, she creates Live Streaming & Hentai Content Creation. Moreover, she is on Rule 34 as well, which is an explicit source.

There are many fanart profiles found on different social media platforms. 

Is Projekt Melody A Human?

No, Projekt Melody is not a human rather than she is a designed AI program. 

Her real identity is an anime-style live streamer or also called a VTuber. 

Her initial and primary streaming platform is Chaturbate, but she later branched off to Twitch for SFW content and Youtube for Twitch clips.

For now, Projekt Melody disappeared from Twitch due to a copyright dispute over her body. A copyright complaint claiming that she didn't actually own her body so was banned from Twitch.

Projekt Melody: Face Real Name

Projekt Melody's face has been revealed to her fans as her actual face is anime. 

She describes herself as a designed AI whose real name is the same as her stage name, Projekt Melody.

But, most of her fans also know her as Melody.