What is Radicalseb TikTok Drama? Sebastian Kretzmann Apology Video and Meme Explained

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What is Radicalseb TikTok Drama? Sebastian Kretzmann Apology Video and Meme Explained

‘Radicalseb TikTok Drama’ refers to a popular meme on TikTok based on the apology video by the TikTok user @radicalseb a.k.a. Sebastian Kretzmann. This famous TikTok star was alleged to be a pedophile and a sexual harasser.

He made an apology video for using inappropriate language to minors, but his video turned into a viral meme on social media as many TikTok users thought that he was not apologizing sincerely. The once famous star on TikTok with a huge fan following deleted his account in late 2019 and he has disappeared from public attention.

If you don’t know about this popular TikTok drama of Radicalseb, then keep on reading to get a full explanation of this viral meme. 

What is Radicalseb TikTok Drama?

This TikTok drama all started with a TikTok user, Sebastian Kretzmann, known as RadicalSeb. Born on 11th August 1997 in New Orleans, America, he was a member of the content creator group called Strawberry Milk Gang. He had above 330,00 followers on his TikTok account.

Sebastian was making offensive racial language and sending sexually explicit inappropriate messages to underage fans in his videos. He was also bragging about using an N-word. This was in early June of 2019.

That video was posted by a TikTok user named @mannequindude on June 14th which quickly went viral and people started accusing him of being a racist, and a pedophile. The original video by @mannequindude that exposed Sebastian is deleted and unavailable as of now.

Sebastian Kretzmann Apology Video Explained

After being accused and disgusted by many fans on TikTok, he later posted a four-part apology explaining how he didn’t think that it was inappropriate at that time and that he realizes his mistake and feels terrible.


##duet with @felixmaxwell ##radicalseb ##strawberrymilkgang ##fyp ##foryou ##foryourpage ##smg

♬ original sound – radicalseb

He said that when he was hanging out with his friends in the group video call, he did not think that he was going to make that person feel uncomfortable because he was friends with them and was just being himself in that group.

He also mentioned he felt completely disgusted and bad that he made many people feel uncomfortable. He said what he has said was wrong and he was very sorry.

Why did Sebastian Kretzmann’s apology turn into a meme?

While Sebastian did apologize for the sexual offense to a minor caused in a video posted on TikTok, but he did not address any of the racial comments he used. He also denied asking sexual photos to anyone in the group. A day after his apologies, a YouTuber Drama Kween addressed all his allegations through her YouTube video.

Her video clearly explains and proves the racial comments and making sexual advances toward minors via private messages. These points were highlighted with music and reposted by a TikTok user which became viral quickly.

After that, the fans didn’t feel any kind of remorse in Sebastian’s apology videos so they started making fun of him by mocking his videos. That is how this Radicalseb duet meme started becoming viral in 2019.


reposting one final time

♬ original sound – bithoeji

Some began performing lip-sync videos on the audio of Radicalseb’s apology while some engage directly in the video by doing duet videos and making funny facial expressions and dance as a way to scorn him. 


##duet with @felixmaxwell “i don’t know what else to say” maybe worry about what you shouldn’t say

♬ original sound – radicalseb

Currently, RadicalSeb appears to have disabled his TikTok account and his Instagram is also set private with disabled comments. He was also condemned by his group Strawberry Milk gang and they do not include him in any of their videos. One insensitive joke turned out to be really harmful to his career. That’s some next-level canceled for the former TikTok star, Radicalseb.

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