Rama Jaima, Cast of Sex Love And Goop

Rama Jaima and other cast members are backed by Gwyneth Paltrow as the show host.

Paltrow brings the cast members in connection with sex therapists, couple therapists to deeply understand the problem in their life and marriage. The main highlight of the show is to properly enhance the relationships through the medium of sex.

Although the show primarily focuses on sexual intercourse as key, the conversations also dive into their past life, childhood life in order to deeply understand each cast member as a unique individual. 

Rama Jaima and his wife Felicitas Jaima present their issues with time management and the loss of magic they once had.

Rama Jaima Age And Wikipedia

Rama Jaima can be safely presumed to be of age 35-40 years based on his looks.

Based on appearances once again, Rama's wife Felicitas seems to be a bit older than Jaima. The age difference could be anywhere from 2-5 years old.

Jaima is a student of History and Economics and has a career in the same field. Additionally, his wife Felicitas is an entrepreneur with her own Interior design office.

Rama Jaima On Instagram

Rama Jaima is on Instagram but maintains a private account at @rajaima.

Rama mostly only allows friends and colleagues on his profile. You can still get a good look of Jaima on his wife's Instagram at @jaimaliving.

Most of her Instagram posts are of her kids and Rama.

Rama Jaima And Wife: Are They Still Together

Yes, Rama Jaima and his wife Felicitas are still together. 

The confusion could arise following the vulnerability they shared on the show Sex Love and Goop. 

The couple first met at a college party and immediately fell in love with each other on their first meet up. Despite their diverse cultures of Caribbean of Rama and German of Felicitas, they still made their way through.

They currently have two kids: a son and a daughter and live happily in California.