Rapper 600 Bossmoo Reportedly Shot By Police: Is He Really Dead?

Rapper 600 Bossmoo Reportedly Shot By Police: Is He Really Dead?

Was Rapper 600 Bossmoo Killed? He was a Chicago-based rapper with hits like “Forgotten.” Here is the reason for his death in the article.

Rapper 600, aka Rapper Edai 600, is best recognized as a proficient rapper from Chicago.

Most recently, the rapper repleted the web after being announced dead.

The Rapper 600 Bossmoo is the founder of the Team 600 ENT label.

He was on good terms and has collaborated with several renowned artists.

Some of the successful songs of the rapper throughout his career include “How I’m Drill,” “Forgotten,” and more.

Was Rapper 600 Bossmoo Killed? Is He Dead?

Unfortunately, yes, the rapper 600 Borssmoo was reportedly shot and killed.

He was killed by shooting that too multiple times in the back.

The reason behind the death was that the Chicago-based rapper was allegedly murdered.

Cordia Ealy was reportedly shot on Sunday, August 1, 2021, at around 12:20 am.

After his death, several close friends and celebrities expressed their heartful tributes.

Among those celebrated artists, Rapper Young Dre Money is one of them.

Rapper 600 Real Name And Age 

The real name of Rapper 600 is disclosed to be Cordai Ealy.

However, he was best appraised by his stage name, Rapper 600 Bossmoo.

Whereas, Rapper 600 was unveiled to be 32 years old at the occurrence of the incident.

Insights in regards to his introduction to the world include November 8, 1988.

The rapper was born in Chicago, and subsequently, he held an American nationality.

Regardless of being an eminent rapper, Cordai didn’t make it to Wikipedia bio.

In any case, you can discover numerous articles about the rapper on the web. 

Some snippets of data are also derivable from his social media accounts.

Who Is Rapper 600 Girlfriend?

To this day, Rapper 600 hasn’t referenced his girlfriend to outsiders.

He seemed to be a very private and conserved individual, for he didn’t share a lot.

Little to no information concerning his love life remains undetermined.

The equivalent goes with his family because there is no data in regards to any of it yet.

Furthermore, sadly, we can’t provide you with the information at the moment.

Rapper 600 Net Worth 

The net worth of Rapper 600 is speculated to be $1.5 million as of now.

We, however, are not aware of the substantiated figures to this day.

Furthermore, we believe he must’ve procured a decent sum to live a quality life.