Rayburn Barron Cadenas Age And Instagram

Rayburn Barron Cadenas' age at the time of his death was 29 years old- as of 2021. 

His birthday, birthplace, and other birth-related details are yet to surface on the internet. His friend, Ana, was 28 years old when she died. And, JinnKid is 29 years old who is in police custody.

There is no knowledge of Barron's Instagram handle and also his profession. But, JinnKid is a famous TikTok celebrity having nearly a million followers on his TikTok handle. 

Rayburn Barron Cadenas: Suspected Cheating Partner Of Jinnkid Wife Ana Abulaban

As the dispute was going on between Ana and her husband JinnKid, he also had to leave the apartment to live in a hotel room.

And, at the same time found his wife with another man he suspected she was cheating on him and shot both of them dead.

Rayburn Barron was killed along with Ana just before 3 pm on Thursday. The incident happened in Ana's apartment on the 35th floor of the Spire San Diego high-rise on Island Avenue in East Village.

Dispute between the couples' relationship and coming a new guy between them might be why JinnKid killed them.



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Who Is Rayburn Barron Cadenas? Wiki Bio Details Explored

Rayburn Barron Cadenas is the suspected cheating partner of JinnKid's wife, Ana Abulaban.

He was together with Ana when JinnKid killed both of them in Ana's apartment. Barron doesn't have a Wikipedia bio page, but his death has made several online articles to cover details about him.

The domestic violence on Ana by JinnKid caused a dispute in their marriage, and she had her husband leave her apartment on October 18.

After three days, JinnKid entered the apartment to install a listening app on their daughter's iPad.

On Thursday afternoon, he found a man in her wife's apartment through the live listening app on their daughter's iPad and rushed with a gun; the person was Rayburn.

He killed both of them and told his mother about the incident.