Who Is Christina Read? Meet Chad Read Wife 

Christina Read is the former wife of the late Chad Read and the current girlfriend of the killer, William "Kyle" Carruth.

Reports suggest that Christina and Kyle are to be married as soon as possible.

Moreover, Jennifer Read, Chad's current wife has written in her petition that Christina has endangered the lives of the Read children and everyone around the family by being in contact with Kyle.

Jennifer is fighting to get custody of Chad's two sons from Christina.

As Kyle has not been handed over to the law, Christina and Kyle have become quite some figures of the doubt for the public.

Christina Read Shooting Video Explained

Christina Read was also present in the shooting video submitted by Jennifer Read to the court and the public.

Chad, Jennifer, and their son are depicted to have reached the house of Kyle and Christina to pick up Chad's two sons, per the video's outcomes.

The video is 2 minutes long in which Kyle and Chad are getting into a verbal and physical altercation resulting at the end of Chad's life.

The fight broke between the two when one of Chad's sons was not in the house.

Chad and Christina started to argue about the court's order of the sons being handed to Chad at 3:15 pm.

It was when Kyle started threatening Chad and Jennifer with a rifle. He had first shot at Chad's feet and lastly at him which led to Chad's death.

The video has gone viral on the internet as netizens are asking for Kyle's arrest and also demanding the safekeeping of the remaining Read children.

However, Kyle's free-roaming has brought in the fact that his ex-wife is a judge who may have helped him.

Netizens have gone crazy with such speculations while Kyle's ex-wife has responded that she has no hands in it.