Who is Reiley Tiktok? Meet Reiley On Instagram

Reiley from TikTok is a sensational singer. She is all over the internet with new song named ‘Let It Ring’. Stick with us to know more about her.

Reiley is an American TikTok star and YouTuber who rose to eminence through her TikTok videos. She is currently flourishing her name in the showbiz industry through her short lip-sync and dance videos.

With huge talent, Reiley has already amassed millions of followers over different social media platforms.

TikTok sensation Reiley is officially breaking into the music industry with her debut single, “Let It Ring”- and it’s already historic.

Reiley TikTok Age: How Old Is She?

Reiley age is 20 years old as of now.


Someone water me

♬ original sound – Reiley

As a matter of fact, Reiley was born on 3rd July 2000 which makes her birth sign Pisces.

Moving on, Reiley was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, the United States which makes her English by nationality. But, her ethnicity is White.

Reiley Real Name Explored

Reiley real name is Reiley Peters.

Moreover, Reiley is also known by the name called ‘Rani’. However, she likes to be called by her online name as her name is flourished globally through TikTok and Instagram.

Well, Reiley is an online celebrity who broke into the music industry.

Reiley Boyfriend: Is She Single?

Reiley boyfriend can’t be seen online.

If truth is told, Reiley has neither spoken nor posted any hints regarding her boyfriend or dating life thus far. Thus, we assume Reiley is single as of now.

But, there’s no doubt hundreds of guys crush on her.

Meet Her On Instagram

Reiley is available on Instagram with massive fan followings.

The Instagram handle of the TikToker Reiley is under the username @reiley. She has already got a blue tick on her Instagram account.

So far now, Reiley has already amassed more than 219k followers. Also, she has 92 posts and 101 followings on her Instagram account.

You can check her Instagram for her outstanding music and insights.

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