Is Richard Sharp Jewish? BBC New Chairman First Wife Name Revealed

Is Richard Sharp Jewish? BBC New Chairman First Wife Name Revealed

Is Richard Sharp Jewish? Know all about the new BBC Chairman including his marriage and family. 

Richard Sharp, a former banker will be serving as the Chairman of BBC starting from February 2021. A well-renowned banker and businessman, he made a lot of earnings through investment and banking finance. 

Several speculations implied that the BBC critic, Charles Moore was going to get the job. However, he backed off due to some family reasons and Richard Sharp was nominated as the new Chairman of BBC. 

Is Richard Sharp Jewish? His religion and Heritage

Yes, Richard Sharp is Jewish. The BBC chairman also takes his religion very seriously as people close to him say that he is an “anti-Israel.”

Moreover, he spent most of his childhood in the United States of America. His father, Eric Sharp was a senior banker and investor himself. Richard Sharp was known to have a net worth of more than $500 million in 2008. 

Sharp First Wife And Family Background

No one gets to be the Chairman of an organization like BBC without a lot of hard work and determination. And Richard Sharp had a great career in banking. He was a long-time influencer at Goldman Sachs. 

After graduating in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Sharp went and worked for Morgan Grenfall. However, his time at Goldman Sachs has everything to do with his excellent career. 

As for his family, Richard Sharp was born to the businessman, Eric Sharp. He also has a twin sister, Victoria who is the President of the Queen’s Bench Division of High Court in England and Wales. 

Richard Sharp has been married once before. He tied the knots with his wife, Victoria Hull in 1987. She is American. However, they got divorced, and Victoria forwarded her to another marriage in 2014. 

Sharp will hold the office starting from February 2021. The fact that he was Rishi Sunak’s boss and advisor during their time at Goldman Sachs, has uplifted his reputation even more. 

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