Richard Sharp BBC Wikipedia: Goldman Sachs And Facts To Know

Richard Sharp BBC Wikipedia: Goldman Sachs And Facts To Know

Richard Sharp is a well-known personality who is reported to be the next BBC chairman as mentioned in Daily Mail. Also, it has been known that the announcement of his appointment will be done as early as January 7, 2020.

Quick Facts: Richard Sharp BBC Wikipedia: Goldman Sachs And Facts To Know

Name Richard Sharp
Birthday February 8, 1956
Age 64 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Banker
Net Worth $100 million
Education University of Oxford

Is he married? Nothing has yet been known about Richard Sharp’s married life. Previously, he used to work as a banker at Goldman Sachs where he had served as the Head of Principal Investment Area, Head of Investment Banking Services, and also as the Head of Capital Markets & New Issue Syndicate

10 Facts on Richard Sharp:

  1. Richard Sharp will actually be taking the position of Sir David Clementi at BBC who is set to leave in January after working there since January 2017.
  2. Not from Wikipedia, but from Bank of England‘s official website, we have found out that Richard Sharp has been currently serving as the External Member of the Financial Policy Committee at Bank of England
  3. Since we are still unsure about Richard Sharp’s marital status, we can’t really speak anything about his wife at the moment.
  4. Moreover, Richard Sharp’s salary will be £160,000 ($218.2 thousand) per year if he signs for BBC as their new chairman this week. 
  5. According to the reports claimed by Variety, Richard Sharp has an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million.
  6. As Richard likes to keep his personal details private, he has not yet disclosed the information that relates to his family life.
  7. Moving on to Sharp’s background, he was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and thus, he is of British nationality.
  8. As he was born on February 8, 1956, he is already 64 years of age. 
  9. Currently, he has also been servicing as a partner at SW7 and also as a Non-Executive Director at Dojo
  10. Furthermore, he is also the Chairman at Roundshield and also the Founder and Managing Partner at DII Capital

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