Rick Jacobs LA: Who is Mayor Garcetti’s Top Advisor? Facts On Wife And Family

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Rick Jacobs LA: Who is Mayor Garcetti’s Top Advisor? Facts On Wife And Family

Rick Jacobs is a political advisor to the mayor of Los Angeles city, Eric Garcetti. Rick has recently come under a lot of fire after being accused of sexual harassment. It is certainly a matter of disgrace if anyone in a public position is accused of something that heinous. Bear in mind, I don’t mean to say it’s not serious when normal people do it, but when public personalities do it, the consequences are more severe.

LAPD officer has filed a lawsuit against Jacobs in the court demanding justice for being sexually harassed. Journalist Yashar Ali wrote a piece accusing Jacobs. Rick definitely has come under a lot of scrutinies as he has been relieved from his job of being an advisor to Mayor Garcetti.

Name Rick Jacobs
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Political Advisor
Married/Single Married
Divorce Not

10 Facts On Rick Jacobs

  1. Rick Jacobs has been a loyal advisor and a friend of Mayor Eric Garcetti but all that’s going to change after his recent alleged involvement in sexual harassment.
  2. A journalist named Yashar Ali has written a lot and written vehemently against Rick’s behavior.
  3. Apparently, an officer in LAPD had been harassed by Rick and the lawsuit is underway now.
  4. We don’t know a lot about Rick’s family because t hasn’t been surfaced yet on the internet. However, it looks like it will be surfaced soon.
  5. Rick is a married man but we don’t exactly know the name of his wife.
  6. There are multiple allegations against Jacobs who allegedly have been harassing people for 6 years now.
  7. After the recent discoveries, Mayor Eric Garcetti came out and spoke against Rick and relieved him of the duties as a political advisor.
  8. Yashar Ali has even insinuated that Mayor knew of Jacobs’s sexual harassment but did not speak about it for 6 years.
  9. Rick has denied the claims and said he is innocent.
  10. Rick Jacobs doesn’t have an Instagram which is why details about his family, ethnicity are not available publicly.

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