Riley Christian: 10 Facts on Bachelorette Star

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Riley Christian: 10 Facts on Bachelorette Star

Riley Christian is a contestant of the popular Reality TV show “The Bachelorette”. He is an attorney by profession and is a workaholic. He grew up in Ohio and attended college there. After that, he pursued a degree in law and chose Nw York as a city to do that.

Riley really believed it was the perfect time for him to settle down and find a true soulmate. That’s why he was in the show. He wants to have an amazing family. All in all, he looks like a great person. He appears very friendly and has a wide smile. He hasn’t been known for other appearances on TV as The Bachelorette is the only show he has been part of.

Name Riley Christian
Age 30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Attorney
Married/Single Single
Education Syracuse School of Law
Instagram _drchrist_

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Enjoy life. Chase your dreams. Live with passion.

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10 Facts on Riley Christian

  1. Riley Christian is 30 years old if we are to trust certain sources on the internet like this one.
  2. We were resolute to find out his date of birth, birthday, and zodiac sign but were unable to find it out.
  3. He resides in Long Island, New York, and is based in New Yor for quite some time now.
  4. Christian went to a small college in Ohio and then attended Syracuse School of Law. He focuses on cases surrounding “medical malpractice” as an attorney.
  5. He does not have a girlfriend but wants to find his soulmate.
  6. Riley was the star of the 16th Season of The Bachelorette but was eliminated from the show after a while.
  7. To judge a man by his height would not be too apropos but I have to say he looks as if he has a nice built and an impressive height.
  8. Riley has a wide smile and very short hair.
  9. He might make an annual salary of over $100,000 to $120,000 as that’s the range of payment for most lawyers in the USA. We don’t know what his net worth is.
  10. He has 905 followers on Instagram.

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