Did Rina Trenholm Died?

Yes, Rina Trenholm did die in the series. 

But nothing has happened to the real-life star Kathleen Munroe. 

Although the fictional character that Kathleen Munroe plays which is Rina Trenholm has just died in Season 4 episode 11. 

The program took no time in updating us on Rina's on CBS. Unfortunately, we're not sure if this is an upgrade that anyone desired in this case.

It was revealed at the beginning of the episode that Rina Trenholm died just one day before the present-day plot, and Jubal was still in mourning.

The goal of murdering Rina off is most likely to remind viewers that nearly no one is safe in the FBI.

If you're a die-hard fan of the program, we understand your dissatisfaction with how hasty the death felt.

It happened towards the beginning of the show and, as a result, felt very unceremonious.

Katleen Munroe Leaving FBI-Is It True? 

Kathleen is still a recurrent cast member, thus the next obvious step would be to promote her to the main cast.

Some fans believe Rina is secretly working with Vargas, which would make her a fantastic permanent addition to the program.

According to IMDb, Kathleen does not appear to have any other acting employment in a project that may take away her time.

The FBI is the most recent bullet (pardon the metaphor!) in her belt. She does, however, have some other initiatives in the works that might lead to something different.

Who Is Kathleen Munroe Husband? 

The real-life star Kathleen Munroe doesn't have a husband.

She is deeply involved in her career and had no time for re, townships.

Although she is now 39 years old, and we can say that she might have someone in her mind. 

But as of now, there are no words spoken about relationships by the Canadian actress. 

So we can say that Kathleen Munroe is still single now. 

Kathleen Munroe Health Update-What Happened To Rina Trenholm? 

Nothing has happened to Kathleen Munroe, but her fictional character Rina Trenholm is seriously ill. 

Although most of the critics have already said that Rina is dead, and fans have also started to believe. 

But there is always a place for conspiracy theories, and some random theories too. 

And one of them has said that she might be alive back of the show.

But nothing can be said as most of them have said that she is dead and might not return. 

And the main reason for Rina's death is that Kathleen Munroe is leaving the FBI.

FBI's fall finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS.