RIP: Richard Lowtax Kyanka Death And Obituary

As per the social media posts and stories of people on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, Richard Lowtax Kyanka might be dead. 

Well, if you just check the media content, you might find it as a joke because some have said that he died battling a squirrel and some are enjoying calling today his Deathday. 

However, it does seem like something has happened and he has lost his life. However, the cause of his death, it is true, has not been revealed anywhere yet. 

Well, it seems very rude of people but there are a lot of people who say that he was the least unique talent, and there is nothing people have lost, which is a big thing to say. 

Meet Richard Lowtax Kyanka Wife And Family

Richard Lowtax Kyanka was a married man. Indeed, Richard had been married twice in his lifetime. 

First, Lowtax got married to his wife Megan Austin in the year 2005 and they remained together for nearly a decade, splitting in the year 2014. 

And immediately after about a year of splitting, Richard got married to his wife Ashli Kathleen with whom he was together until his recent rumors of death. 

In these years of his togetherness with 2 different women, is repeated that he has given birth to 3 daughters and they are the parts of his immediate family, who live in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Richard Lowtax Kyanka Net Worth Explored: How Rich Is He?

The net worth of the media personality and comedy creator Richard Lowtax Kyanka was about $500,000. 

Well, this is not a value revealed by Richard himself, but as per his popularity and work, he surely had made over half a million dollars in his lifetime.