What was Robby Steinhardt Net Worth?

Robby Steinhardt had a net worth of around $17 million as per NetWorthPost.

But the figure varies in different portals. Nonetheless, the singer must have made a good fortune out of his successful music career.

Robby Steinhardt Age - How Old Was He?

Robby Steinhardt's age was 71 years old when he died.

Steinhardt was born in Lawrence, Kansas on the 25th of May 1950. In fact, he was raised by his adopted parents Lise and Milton Steinhardt.

Not to mention, Robby learned violin from the early age of 8. He was a Lawrence High School graduate.

Robby Steinhardt - Kansas Rock Band Founder

Robby Steinhardt was the Kansas Rock Band founder.

The Kansas band was the renamed version of the White Clover. The group had adopted the name before releasing their first album in 1974.

As a result, Robby is one of the founding members of the band. He was among the original crews Kerry Livgren, Rich Williams, Phil Ehart, and Steve Walsh.

Besides, Robby was associated with the group for almost a year when he left in 1982. He had reportedly left for personal reasons.

In the meantime, he has his own band named Steinhardt-Moon. But he later rejoined Kansas in 1997. He was the violinist and MC of the group in live performances.

Likewise, Steinhardt again departed from the group in 2006.

Robby Steinhardt Cause of Death - How Did He Die?

Robby Steinhardt's cause of death was the complications from pancreatitis.

Steinhardt died on July 17, Saturday at a hospital in Tampa, Florida. His death was in fact announced by his wife Cindy.

Similarly, Cindy made a Facebook post on Monday that Robby was set to be on the stage soon. She revealed he had finished recording his first solo album. 

But the rock singer passed away before he could make a live performance on a tour.

In the meantime, the Kansas band paid tribute to Robby with a post on their official Facebook page. They mentioned he was the one who brought them as bandmates.

Actually, Steinhardt had been in hospital since May 2021. He suffered another disease as he appeared to recover from the previous one.