Rocco Casalino Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Rocco Casalino Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Rocco Casalino Wikipedia: Here is every detail you need to know about the Italian Journalist.

Rocco Casalino is an Italian Television Personality, Journalist, and Politician. He has been a former contestant on the reality show Big Brother. He became fourth in the final ranking and made name for himself as one of the most interesting guys in the house.

Quick Facts:

Name Rocco Casalino
Birthday July 1, 1972
Age 48
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Profession Politician , TV Personality
Education Electrical Engineering at University of Bologna
Instagram rocco_casalino
Twitter @roccocasalino

Rocco Casalino Wikipedia Biography

Rocco Casalino is the former spokesperson and head of press of former Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte.

His family is of Apulian Origin. His father was a worker in Germany unfortunately he died when Rocco was very young.

He has spent a difficult childhood and a good part of his youth in Germany until he returned to the age of 16, with his mother, in his family’s hometown, Ceglie Messapica in the province of Brindisi.

An electric engineering graduate by education, Rocco also has a specialization in Management Engineering.

Rocco Casalino Age

He is 48 years old, born on July 1, 1972.

Rocco seems to be a tall man but his exact height is not known.

Rocco Casalino Wife: Discover his relationship

There is no information about who is the Politician married to or currently dating.

But moving back to the past, previously he was engaged to a Cuban boy named Josè Carlos Alvarez. He officially introduced his Cuban partner at Quirinale dinner. He publically even stated that one day they are going to raise children.

However, In the reality show, his personal life is brought into question with the accusation of not wanting to admit his homosexuality.

Roco Casalino Net Worth Revealed

The exact net worth of Roco is unknown.

He surely has made a big amount of money through his successful time as a spokesperson.

However, as spokesman and head of the press office of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He is said to have received a total of exactly 169 thousand euros per year.


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