Roger Daltrey Illness And Health Update – Has He Had A Stroke?

Roger Daltrey Illness And Health Update – Has He Had A Stroke?

An English singer and songwriter, Roger Daltrey, is suffering from illness and health problems. What happened to him? Read out the article to know everything about Roger Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey, an English singer and a songwriter, has serious health issues. The singer was diagnosed with viral meningitis in 2015.

Further, the singer is a co-founder and lead singer of “Who,” a rock band. Besides singing and songwriting, the rock star is also a film producer.

His hit songs include “Baba O’Riley,” “You Better You Bet,” Won’t Get Fooled Again,” and “My Generation.”

Roger Daltrey Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Him?

Roger Daltrey’s illness and health updates are mentioned in this article. 

About Wikipedia, the rock star has suffered from many health problems and illnesses.

Singer Roger was diagnosed with vocal cord dysplasia in 2010. Later, Dr. Steven M. Zeitels, the Massachusetts General Hospital director, removed the possible pre-cancerous with laser treatment.

The singer is allergic to Cannabis that affects the star’s singing voice. He had never consumed drugs.

According to Celebrity Diagnosis, the singer canceled the dates of ‘The Who Hits 50’ tour because of his illness.

Has Roger Daltrey Had A Stroke?

It is unclear about Roger Daltrey’s stroke disease. Apart from stroke, he suffered from various illnesses and health problems.

According to Celebrity Diagnosis, Roger was diagnosed with viral meningitis.  Viral meningitis is an inflammation of the tissue that covers the brain and spinal cords.

Since he has an illness of the brain and spinal cord, the singer might have a stroke. As recorded on google, viral meningitis can lead to stroke.

In 2015, his illness forced the Who team to cancel their ‘THe Who Hits 50’ tour. The team members were sorry for canceling the time and for disappointing their fans.

Roger Daltrey Age: How Old Is He?

Currently, Roger Daltrey is at the age of 77, born on March 1, 1944.

The singer’s birth name is Roger Harry Daltrey, and he was born in East Acton, London, England.

The singer started his solo career at the age of 48 in 1973. He was still in the band called Who when he did solo. In the 20th century, the Who band was one of the most influential rock bands.

At the age of 77, the rockstar has achieved a lot in his music career and some serious health issues. Roger is a true fighter and an inspiring character.

Roger Daltrey Net Worth: How Much He Earn?

Rock celebrities assumed the net worth of Roger Daltrey to be $50 million. He is one of the wealthiest members of the Who.

The singer is the co-founder and vocalist of Who. He is the second richest member of the band, whereas Pete Townshend holds the first position.

Being talented in music and singing, the singer has accumulated millions of balance. He is one of the favorite band members of the band Who.

His Fans are praying for his better health and eager to watch his upcoming performances.