Who Is Treasure Hunter Roger Miklos? Find About His Wikipedia Bio And More

Who Is Treasure Hunter Roger Miklos? Find About His Wikipedia Bio And More

Treasure Hunter Roger Miklos’ Wikipedia bio is not updated yet. He has preserved a net worth of over $1 million. Let’s find out more about his personal life below.

Roger Miklos was a treasure hunter who had been digging shipwreck sites since the 1970s. Besides, he is a former Reno, NV police officer who has developed an interest in treasure salvage in the early 1960s.

Meanwhile, Miklos spent his early age keeping law and order as a police officer in cities like Reno, Nevada, Arrowhead, California, and the Bahamas in Nassau.

After he retired from his police career, he traveled into the seas as a treasure hunter, where Miklos made contact with Kip Wagner and Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

After meeting these personalities, their bond became more muscular, which helped them venture more into treasure hunting. Also, together they appeared n The Merv Griffin Show in 1978.

Furthermore, he was a well-known police officer and worked in Lake Arrowhead in California and the DEA. 

Roger Miklos Wikipedia Bio and Age Explored

Roger Miklos is not yet listed on the official page of Wikipedia.

Besides, Miklos was a retired police officer who had a passion for treasure hunting.

Likewise, he had been involved in several valuable discoveries of many years.

Miklos was born in Summerland Key, Florida, the US, on January 6, 1941.

And he grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Moreover, Roger Miklos’ age was 76 years old at the time of his death.

On February 19, 2018, Miklos passed on from a cardiac arrest in Iraran, Texas.

His death was one of the great losses for his family.

Apart from that, his remains were laid to rest on April 4, 2018, with a memorial service held at the Key West United Methodist Church in Key West in his honor.

How Much Was Roger Miklos Net Worth?

According to a site, Roger Miklos’ net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

Miklos had garnered a considerable amount of money from his profession as a treasure hunter.

He was involved in numerous valuable discoveries which had helped him acquire more money.

Also, he was a retired police officer, so we can say that he had gained more profit from his previous work.

Miklos served in different places during his tenure. So, Miklos indeed had a significant income from his multiple profession.

Details On Roger Miklos Family: Is He Greek?

Moving onwards, Roger Miklos was very close to his family.

He was born to his parents William Miklos and Marie Miklos.

Also, Miklos was married twice and had four children.

Meanwhile, Miklos had four children named Laurie Miklos, Darrell Miklos, Kelly Miklos, and Kim Miklos with his first wife.

And he was married to his second wife, Sheila, but there is not much info about their children.

Moreover, Roger Miklos was of American nationality and belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity.

There is no news whether he is greek or not.