Rosemarie Schwaiger Husband And Parents

As we mentioned above, all of Rosemarie Schwaiger sensitive details, including her husband and parents' name is held off from the public's eyes.

Although she's reached an appropriate age, we can not confirm that she is married as many women now choose to live alone. She is also known for her feminine perspective in many of her writings. This also created some biases in her life.

There is also no information about the parents of Rosemarie. Additionally, she uses Facebook as a platform to share her published articles rather than her personal profile id. So, there's no trackable information about her online.

Rosemarie Schwaiger Wikipedia Age

Rosemarie Schwaiger, the journalist looks to be around the age of 45-50 years of age based on her appearances.

She was born in Austria but later on, lived in Germany. She is a German national now and primarily lives here. Although many of her articles comprised of the events in Austria.

Schwaiger is still sensitive about sharing her details with the media. Therefore, finding the exact date of birth of the journalist might be out of range.

Schwaiger currently writes for Kurier, Profil Online, Der Freitag. She is primarily based on online news sites. Before going full time online, she also used to write for newspapers and magazines.

Despite her experience, she did not receive a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, she is mentioned in the Wikipedia list of Austrian journalists  

You can read some of her articles here on Muckrack.