Ryan Widmer's bride Sarah Widmer's Bathtub Murder Mystery: Dateline

The murder of Ryan Widmer's Bride has been a Mystery as he was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2011. Meanwhile, a documentary has been released about the murder of his wife.

That day on August 2008 as per Ryan, they together came back home from their usual work. As Sarah was complaining about her headache and little unwellness.

After Ryan was done he moved upwards and get undressed and saw his wife was not in bed so, he went to the bathroom to check whether she fell asleep as she has a habit of getting asleep in unusual places.

But her face was drowned downwards towards the water and at that meantime, he called 911.

The truth about his statement is yet to be proven. It might be his intention to kill his wife or maybe she accidentally has her heart fail or maybe due to a seizure she was drowned.

Ryan Widmer Son

Ryan Widmer and Sarah Manherz together have a baby boy Ryan in 2010 after his second trial. He is 11 years.

They were intimate when they spent Thanksgiving at Jill Widmer’s house in 2009. Widmer had been out of prison for three months.

She was pregnant during Widmer’s second trial and gave birth before his third trial.

He got to see his son once a month. Although he looks exactly like him which is the joy as heaven.

Ryan was really sad about not being with her difficult labor pain and not being able to raise his son.

Ryan Widmer Second Wife

Ryan Widmer's second wife or Girlfriend is Sarah Manherz with whom he started meeting through the internet during his second trial after the first “Dateline” show in 2009.

He kept the relationship secret, as it would be brought under scrutiny during the second trial. 

However, Sarah saw his story on "Dateline" and confronted him, so after that, Widmer says they are no longer together.

The story of the college-educated, suburban newlyweds couple gained national attention while Ryan stood trial three times.

In 2010, a second jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision. The third trial, in 2011, ended with the jury convicting Ryan of murder.