Sarah Laude Racist TikTok Video: Colgate University

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Sarah Laude Racist TikTok Video: Colgate University

Sarah Laud racist TikTok video has recently created a hype in the Colgate University. She is a freshman at Colgate University this fall. However, her admission was canceled on the 23rd of June by the President of Colgate University. 

Sarah Laud Racist TikTok Video 

Sarah Laud who was to be studying at Colgate University as a freshman from this year’s fall admission has been canceled. Her admission was canceled because of the petition signed by the student of Colgate University after her racist TikTok video went viral. 

Recently, America has been in chaos after a Black man George Floyd was killed by the white officer of Minneapolis. And at this condition a video related to this matter, no doubt grabs the attention of citizens. 

Sarah was seen making a video that shows slavery. She is seen performing in the audio of  “Let’s Go Shopping” where the word African- American was criticized severely. 

Morristown’s other students Nate Panza and Adam Giaquinto were also in limelight because of using N-word in social media. The headmaster of Morristown School has stated this behavior as inappropriate and unacceptable. 

Who is Sarah Laud?

Sarah Laud is a 20 years age student who graduated from Morristown-Beard High School. She had joined the Colgate Univesity for her further studies in MBS.

Sarah was recently on limelight because of her video. In her video, she is seen performing on Lets’ go shopping while panning the words African-American. This caused her video to be a racist. 

Laud action in the video created hype to the students reading at Colgate University. There have been more than 2000 people to sign the online petition asking for the college to take action over the Individual.

The President of Colgate University Brian Casey has canceled Sarah’s admission after there were more than 2000 petitions signed on 23rd of June 2020. 

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