What Are Saucy Santana Pronouns?

Saucy Santana uses he/him pronouns. As he dresses up differently from a typical rapper, many have become confused regarding his gender identity and pronouns.

His choice for heels, dresses, nails and makeup often lands the rapper in confusion among his fans.

Thus, it is confirmed that the "Walk" rapper is to be called out with he/him pronouns.

Saucy Santana Gender: Is He Transgender? Look At His Before Pictures

Saucy Santana is not transgender as his natural gender is male.

He came out as gay at age 17. Sadly, the aspiring rapper was shot in a drive-by shooting in Miami in December 2019, along with his two other associates.

He believes that the shooting was motivated by homophobia. Santana was shot on top of his shoulder and could've lost his life that day if it had been his head.

Santana proudly represents the LGBT community in the hip-hop industry and hopes to make a difference in the future.

As he is not transgender, there are no before pictures of his gender transformation.

Meanhwile, the change in his fashion outlook is widely available on his social media.

His Instagram handle is dedicated to his impressive makeup and fashion statements.

Saucy Santana Real Name Revealed

Saucy Santana's real name is revealed to be Justin Harris. 

His mother's name is Teresa Harris, while his father's name is still under review.

Saucy Santana is his stage name for which he is widely referred as.

In his interview with Miami Herald, Santana said that "Before I was a rapper, I was a trapper. That's one of the names that the boys from the hood gave me. They used to call me Santana."