Who Is Scummn From Twitch? Age Real Name And Net Worth Revealed

Who Is Scummn From Twitch? Age Real Name And Net Worth Revealed

Scummn young age has not stopped him from contributing to the gaming community.

Professionally, he is a Twitch streamer who has earned over 27.5 thousand followers on his Twitch channel. The gamer is recognized for his Call of Duty: Warzone gameplays.

Most of his gameplays are available on his YouTube channel too. He has earned nearly 2.16 thousand subscribers there. Thus, we can confirm that he is more popular on Twitch than on YouTube.

Scummn Age Revealed

Reportedly, Scummn’s current age is just 19 years old.


This Fara is INSANE! ##Warzone ##Fara ##fypシ

♬ original sound – ScummN

He celebrates his birthday every single year on December 25, Christmas Day. Moreover, we can conclude that his birth sign/zodiac sign is Capricorn.

What Is His Real Name?

We can guarantee that Scummn is not really his real name.

Just like anyone who knows Scummn, we are also unknown about his real name. His fans are eager to find out his actual name. But, it seems Scummn is more than happy to be called by his nickname.

Who Is Scummn From Twitch?

Scummn from Twitch is a professional COD gamer and video game content creator.

Apart from Twitch and YouTube, he also uploads his gaming highlights on TikTok. Speaking more about his account, he has already gained 2.4 thousand followers.

Furthermore, he is active on Instagram and Twitter, with 75 followers and 6.7 thousand followers, respectively. Between these two, Scummn is much more active on Twitter, as we can see him tweeting every single day.

Everything To Know About His Net Worth

At the moment, we have nothing to share about Scummn’s net worth.

As he is a gamer, we can confirm that his net worth is definitely around the thousands. He earns from prize pools and sponsors. However, he needs donations for his daily income.

So, we request everyone watching his streams to donate as much as possible. With your help, he will be able to entertain thousands of people from all over the world. to donate him at least

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