Rust Crew: Who Is Serge Svetnoy? 

Serge Svetnoy has years of experience working on movie sets.

He is currently based in Los Angeles and has an impressive CV. 

Serge Svetnoy has worked with directors; Pawel Edelman, Shane Hurblutt, Franco Paroni, Pancho Alcaine, and many more.

Svetnoy is also assigned as the Operating Partner at Da Films. He had the experience of working in different companies like the PATRIOT Rental.

The Gaffer is also active on Instagram as @serge.svetnoy. He has posted a tribute to Halyna’s death on the set of the movie ‘Rust’.

Svetnoy and Hutchins had been friends for more than five years. They have worked together on nine films productions.

Serge Svetnoy Age & Wikipedia

Serge Svetnoy appears to be in the age range of 40-50. The estimation is done after analyzing his photographs.

His exact details regarding birth and astrology have not surfaced on the internet.

Moving on, Serge Svetnoy has no bio on the Wikipedia pages. However, we can learn about him from his personal website.

Serge Svetnoy’s wife is Valerie Phil.  She works in the movie industry as a producer at Da Films.

Serge Svetnoy Files First Lawsuit In The Shooting Incident

Serge Svetnoy has filed the first civil lawsuit in Los Angeles. The allegations are made upon Producers and Alec Baldwin.

Svetnoy describes negligence as the reason behind Hutchins’ death.

Further, he believes that injustice should not be there when a person loses her life in the movie set.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

He has named the producers; Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Dave Halls, Sarah Zachry, and  Seth Kenney as defendants.

Serge Svetnoy Job & Net Worth

Serge Svetnoy's job was as the chief lighting technician. He was also the Gaffer and Cameraman in the sets of Rust.

Serge Svetnoy must have earned significant money from his longtime career.