Serhat Ahmet Wikipedia – Is Antiques Roadshow Host Married?

Serhat Ahmet Wikipedia – Is Antiques Roadshow Host Married?

Serhat Ahmet is featured as the host of the popular TV show Antiques Roadshow on their Wikipedia domain. Learn about him and his partner details in the article below. 

Serhat Ahmer, the host of the show Antiques Roadside, is a professional antique dealer who deals with various antique European porcelain.

Antiques Roadshow is an interesting program where a man brings rare weird items and an appraiser decides the valuation for the product.

The dealer, Serhat is all set to return with his classic antiques in the upcoming episode of the show Airing on PBS.

Is Serhat Ahmet On Wikipedia? 

Serhat Ahmet is yet to have his own Biography on the Wikipedia domain.

But he is introduced in the article entitled “Antiques Roadshow” on Wikipedia as a host for the show.

In regard to the BBC Antiques Roadshow profile, he is a second-generation antique dealer, who specializes in European porcelain. His collection includes European antiques particularly from the period 1720-1935.

Not only the dealer but also his family have been involved in the antique business for more than 25 years. Though he set up his own shop in 2013. 

Serhat joined the unique show in 2018 after five years of his startup. He is an entrepreneur who has a shop in London and a regular visitor of BADA and LAPADA.

Serhat Ahmet Wife Or Partner: Is He Married To A Husband?

The detail on Serhat Ahmet’s love life and partner is not unveiled yet.

Thus we cannot say anything regarding his marriage or that if he has a husband or wife.

Ahmet hasn’t disclosed anything about his personal life and marital status and he seems to be a private person about his personal matters.

Hence, the host prefers to keep his private life away from the public eye. His lips are sealed whenever someone asks about his spouse.

But we can assume that he probably has a beautiful companion as he has a handsome build and an attractive look.

Serhat Ahmet Sparks Gay Rumors: Sexuality Explored

There are numerous rumors stating that Serhat Ahmet might be gay due to his continuous denial of having a partner.

Similarly, his privacy regarding the matter makes them even more suspicious. Nonetheless, his sexuality as we know is not anything other than a straight man.

Serhat has kept his gender secret quite well, so we cannot confirm if he is gay based on rumors alone.

However, his love for antique pieces is commendable. On researching his social account, we discovered that he posts quite a lot of antique pictures on his account.

Serhat Ahmet Family And Net Worth Details

Serhat Ahmet and his whole family have been in the Antique business for more than 25 years now.

Thus, they might have made at least a few million dollars of net worth based on the sales alone. Besides that, he also had his own shop which was also going well before he decided to join the show.

With 25 years of antiquing experience, he learned to mark the price of 18th, 19th, and 20th-century porcelains from Europe.

Follow him on Instagram @serhat_ahmet, for more updates on his antique pieces.