Who is TikTok New CEO Shou Zi Chew? Everything To Know

Who is TikTok New CEO Shou Zi Chew? Everything To Know

Shou Zi Chew is the new TikTok CEO. Get to know his wife and net worth. Does he have a Wikipedia presence?

The short video platform, TikTok has announced the name of the new CEO yesterday. Following the executive, Kevin A Mayor’s departure last year, Shou Zi Chew has been named the new CEO of the highly popular social media company. 

Chew has been a part of ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok for a few months only. He served as the CFO of the company before. 

Shou Zi Chew Wife And Family

Shou Zi Chew lives with his wife Vivian Kao in Beijing. 

Having met each other via email in 2008, Shou and Vivian both went to Harvard Business School in Boston. They got to know each other in the first year of their MBA degree where the romance sparked between them. 

As of now, they are happily married and have two children and a dog as their family. Both of them have taken significant leaps in their career as well. 

Shou Zi Chew Salary And Net Worth: How rich is the TikTok CEO?

Shou Zi Chew’s current salary is yet to surface. 

Chew must have a net worth of millions. Thanks to his illustrative career. 

However, the new CEO has quite an impressive CV that smells success all around. Before his role as the CEO of ByteDance, he worked as the Head of Finances for the Chinese company, Xiaomi. 

With more than 5 years in the company’s pole position, Shou Zi Chew has made quite a lot of earnings. We will update details about his net worth and salary as soon as possible.

Shou Zi Chew Wikipedia: Get to know the businessman

Shou Zi Chew doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

A Singaporean by nationality, Shou Zi did his MBA degree at Harvard Business  School. He joined the TikTok parent company, ByteDance in March and within two months of his association, the company named him the CEO. 

Following his appointment as the TikTok CEO, Chew has deleted all of his tweets.  

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