Who Did Simon And Martina Divorced? All About Their Divorce And Controversy

Who Did Simon And Martina Divorced? All About Their Divorce And Controversy

Simon and Martina are a famous youtube ex-couple who decided to divorce in February. They are well known for their show eatyourkimchi. Explore more about them.

The internet duo Simon Stawski and Martina Sazunic are known as Simon and Martina. They managed a youtube channel named eatyourkimchi from Feb 2, 2008. It currently has 488M views with 1.55 million subscribers.

They were the 18th most popular youtube channel in South Korea back in 2011. Their content on youtube is mainly centered around foods and vlogs.

While studying for a degree in Education and Arts, they first met in 2004 at the University of Toronto, St. George. They became good friends. 

Simon proposed to Martina a year later they started dating. They got married on June 16, 2007.

They started Youtube full-time in 2011.

Simon and Martina Divorce Reason and controversy

In February 2021, Simon and Martina decided to part ways separately.

From the breakup devasted, Simon moved back to his hometown Ontario, Canada.

With all the questions from the public, Simon and Martina haven’t opened the curtain about their separation. They haven’t confirmed to any trusted sources the reason for the split up.

The adorable couple started their journey from their home town Ontario, Canada, where they first met. They kept on traveling for work purposes now and then.

They had a lovely start to their relationship, but the happy ending everybody wanted was far away. After finishing their teaching courses, the newly wedded marriage couple moved to Korea.

During their stay in Korea, they created a youtube channel named eatyourkimchi. It is entitled to make unity in diversity with food-centered.

After a lengthy discussion during the 2021 pandemic, they separated and believed it was best for them. According to them, Their marriage was full of joy and adventure until they concluded their relationship.

What happened to Simon and Martina?

Simon and Martina have decided to continue their joint youtube channel.

Although the couple is divorced, they have promised the fanbase created in 2008 to continue posting videos on Youtube.

The fans are pleased to see their content back on youtube, hoping they will rejoin someday. Although, it doesn’t seem quite simple because they post their content separately without sharing the screen.

They have a huge fan base on their youtube channel. Their average earning from youtube early is estimated at 2k to 40k US dollars.

Simon and Martina Divorce Reddit Update

The people in Reddit didn’t seem quite surprised with the divorce.

People were discussing their relationship being sour. The post from Reddit went quite viral, and several people were sharing their opinion.

After the extended four months trial in Reddit, Simon and Martina decided to part ways.

They shared their experience from the first meeting and expressed their love. They said their separation was the best decision for both of them with the picture on Instagram.