Paul Middlehurst Twitter

Paul Middlehurst is active on Twitter @tellypolly.

She does not use other social media platforms except Twitter.

All of her tweets are related to sharing her opinions on various agendas and retweets of genuine and authentic news. She also likes a friendly debate and many times refute live on Twitter.

Paula Middlehurst Son And Husband

Paula Middlehurst has three sons and a daughter with her husband Simon.

Simon is an architect and a former musician. He used to play guitar in a local punk band.

Her youngest son, James had to cut off his leg due to his condition of a short thighbone and a club foot. His leg was replaced with a bionic leg. She had her youngest son at the age of 44.

Her eldest kid, Sophie is now 22 years old, Joseph is 20 and Tom is 17 years. 

She is still married to her husband, Simon.

Sky News: Paula Middlehurst Wikipedia And Age

Paula Middlehurst, the former news presenter in Sky News is 55 years old now.

 11 years ago, she gave an interview to Daily Mail in which she opened her then p resent age to be 44. By simple calculations, we can figure out her age to be 55 now.

She started her career in journalism back in 1990. After a few years of struggle, she got on BBC as the Radio News Presenter. Although she worked there for only 3 months, it was a great boot start to her journey.

In 1996, she got into Sky News as a news presenter. At first, she presented sports news and four months later got promoted to presenting desk news. Since then, she continued to work as the TV news presenter for Sky News, when she quit the company to focus on her entrepreneurship.

She now coaches News Presenting under her own company name Polly Middlehurst and runs Business shows and forums as well.