Snooker: Judd Trump - How Rich Is He? 

Snooker player Judd Trump's estimated net worth is more than $5 million.

His ranking tournament wins, 22, are the primary source of his income. He currently is in the sixth position on the list of all-time ranking event winners. He won his first Triple Crown title at the 2011 U.K. Championship. 

Judd had eight titles under his belt by the end of the 2017-18 season. He became the first player to win prize money worth over $1. 3 million (one season) in the 2018-19 season. He also completed his Triple Crown, winning both the Masters and World Championship.

Similarly, his 2019-20 season saw six ranking events win and five in the next season. For three consecutive years (2019-2021), he became the Wolrd Snooker Tour's Player of the Year. Similarly, he is the 2021 Snooker Hall of Fame inductee. 

Such a quantity of title wins adds up to a large sum of prize money. Reportedly, Judd's earnings from the prizes alone exceed $6. 57 million. 

Besides that, he probably earns some stash of cash from brand endorsement deals and side businesses. Further, his Instagram posts show him with some luxurious cars worth millions. 

Judd Trump Girlfriend Or Wife - Is He Married?

Judd Trump doesn't seem to be married.

It is also the same for his girlfriend. Either he doesn't have one or keeps his private life so confidential that not even rumors exist. His social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter, don't provide a hint on the subject. 

Furthermore, Judd likes to remain silent on the matter. Nevertheless, there were rumors of him dating Khadijah Misr previously, which the snooker athlete is yet to confirm. There are a few pictures of them together- that's all.