Snuffy Vtuber Age Face Reveal: Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Snuffy Vtuber Age  Face Reveal: Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Snuffy Vtuber face has riled up the stream fans. Many want to see the real pictured. But has she revealed her face? Let’s find out.

Snuffy Vtuber is a Twitch star and a YouTuber who is well known for her excellent gameplay, high-pitched voice, and bubbly nature.

Though she joined the Twitch platform only a year ago in April 2020, she has already made her mark for her excellent gameplay. Moreover, she is available on Twitch as @snuffy.

Who is Snuffy Vtuber?

Snuffy is a Twitch star, popular for her cute Racoon girl avatar.

According to her Twitch bio, she claims to love all kinds of games. But generally, she is seen streaming Pokemon Trading Card Game and We Were Here. Besides, she also loves to chat with her fans as she is also streaming Just Chatting quite a lot.

Furthermore, the lady also has a cool merch of her own. One can check it out on Mosobox.

Has Snuffy Face Reveal

Snuffy is yet to reveal her face on the web.

Though the Twitch streamer’s face has not been revealed, this factor does not seem to have affected her popularity. She still has massive followers of 171k people on the platform.

Her Age And Birthday

Snuffy must be in her early 20s.

The star has not yet revealed her age but according to one of her Tweets, we got to know that she celebrates her birthday on 24th February every year.

Is She On Instagram?

No, the Twitch star is not available on Instagram.

However, she is an active user of Twitter. She joined the platform in 2020 and has earned 50.2k followers since then.

Meet Her On YouTube

In addition to being a Twitch star, Snuffy is also of Vtuber on YouTube.

The lady is often seen streaming video games on her channel. 

Likewise, she has acquired 79.8k subscribers on the platform.


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