Soccer: Does Alphonso Davies Have Cancer? 

Alphonso Davies doesn't have cancer.

Nonetheless, doctors diagnosed him with mild myocarditis recently. The news broke out today, some hours ago. Due to his medical condition, he will miss his return to the Bayern Munich side after his previous COVID-19 battle. 

Bayern's manager Julian Nagelsmann, in Friday's pre-match news conference, confirmed the situation saying that the medical experts detected the problem in the follow-up examination that all players who previously contracted the coronavirus undergo. 

Davies had a positive COVID-19 test last week, causing him to remain in home isolation. 

However, the amount of time for which he won't be training is uncertain at the moment. Likewise, he won't be available in the coming weeks. Reportedly, the ultrasound showed inflammation in the heart muscles, which isn't dramatic.  

Alphonso will probably miss the matches against Koln on 15 January 2022 and Hertha Berlin on 23. If the recovery takes longer, there is also a possibility of him missing the clash with RB Leipzig on 5 February. Further, his participation in Canada's World Cup qualifiers remains in doubt. 

Alphonso Davies Girlfriend

Alphonse Davies' girlfriend is Jordyn Huitema.

His partner is also a soccer player representing the Canadian women's national soccer team and Paris Saint-German Women. The couple has been dating since 2017. 

Alphonso paid over $22 thousand in fines for his late arrival to a Bayern practice. It happened due to his visit to Jordyn in Paris. In 2020, French press speculated that Davies might want his girlfriend to sign with Bayern's women's side. 

16-year-old Davies was the one to ask 15-year-old Huitema out. The two share an age difference of one year.  

His girlfriend is also on Instagram as @jordynhuitema and has 1.7 million followers. 

Alphonso Davies Net Worth & Salary 2022 

Alphonso Davies' estimated net worth is over $14.86 million.

Although the footballer hasn't disclosed his official financial statements, his salary at Bayern is the basis for the speculations. 

Reportedly, Alphonso earns more than $5 million a year according to his 2022 contract that expires on 30 June 2025. Similarly, his previous year's salary was $400 thousand more than the current one. Before that, he used to earn over $2 million a year.