Sofia Maria Selby Age And Instagram: How Old Is Mark Selby Daughter?

Sofia Maria Selby Age And Instagram: How Old Is Mark Selby Daughter?

Since her birth announcement, Mark Selby Daughter Sofia Maria Selby always makes a buzz. From a young age, she is everyone’s favourite.

English snooker player, Mark Selby, is on the track to win his fourth World Championship title this year. Similar to the previous years, he will be sharing the joy with his daughter, Sofia Maria Selby. 

Meet Sofia Maria Selby: Mark Selby’s Daughter

Sofia Maria Selby is Mark Selby‘s daughter.

Mark Selby is a World Snooker Champion. He is ranked as the eighth all-time best player in the world of snooker. Furthermore, he has won around 19 career titles, which includes his three world titles. 

Similar to her father, Sofia’s mother is a former pool player, Vikki Layton. Vikki is a native of Ipswich, Ireland. Similarly, Mark and Vikki officially got engaged in 2010. In addition, they were finally pronounced as husband and wife in May 2011. 

How Old is Sofia Maria Selby? 

Sofia Maria Selby age is 6 years old.

The celebrity daughter currently lives in Leicester, England. Her nationality is English. Likewise, she shares ethnicity from both the English and Irish sides. However, Sofia Maria Selby’s Wikipedia bio is absent right now. 

Sofia Maria Selby’s birthday falls in November.

Selby has an extremely lavish life since her childhood. In fact, Sofia Maria Selby does not have any siblings. Therefore, she solely enjoys her father’s net worth of £4,400,00 pounds. 

Discover Her on Instagram

Sofia Maria Selby’s Instagram is not available as of now. 

Sofia is too young to be on social media right now. In fact, her family is extremely protective of her privacy and rarely makes a public appearance with her. Nevertheless, we can frequently see Sofia in her father’s game.  

In 2017, the media pictured Sofia celebrating her father’s third world title. She looked like a doll with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skirt. Moreover, Mark seems extremely close to his only child. 

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