Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay Sentenced: Details On His Girlfriend

Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay Sentenced: Details On His Girlfriend

Stas Reeflay’s girlfriend’s death video is trending all over the social media platform, Reddit. She died of freezing cold weather after Stas locked her outside during his live stream. Let’s find out in detail what has happened.

Stanislav Reshetnikov, aka Stas Reeflay, is a popular Russian YouTuber. He was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva. Stas used to earn money from national and international audiences during his live stream.

His YouTube channel name is ReeFlay.

A video trending on social media handles that his girlfriend died in the freezing cold weather after Stas locked her outside. During her death, she was in the early stage of pregnancy, but she died of hypothermia. 

And, as per recent reports, he was sentenced to jail for six years. 

Stas Reeflay Death Video Reddit

Stas Reeflay kept his girlfriend locked outside in freezing cold weather during a live stream. The challenge was from an audience, and he said to pay him $1000. The challenge was to stand his girlfriend in cold weather without clothes.

For some time, the death video was on YouTube and Reddit, but it has been removed from social media. 

But, after the YouTuber got sentenced to 6 years of jail, the news is again making noise on social media, Reddit, and Twitter. And, people are discussing the death video and putting their own opinion.

Also, it is known that his girlfriend was in her early stage of pregnancy.

Her death video was live-streamed, and Stas looked at his half-dead partner and continuously filmed the video. He was unsuccessful in saving her life. Her face turned pale, and Stas realized that he lost her.

The camera didn’t stop yet and recorded that the ambulance came at the scene, and they declared her body dead on the scene.

Stas Reeflay Live Stream Video

Stas Reeflay’s live stream video shows the death of his girlfriend. 

However, the video has now been removed from YouTube and other social media platforms also.

He kept his girlfriend in the freezing cold weather with only underwear for a challenge from an audience which led to the death. The video was on social media platforms for some time, but it has not been removed.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Valentina Grigoryeva was the girlfriend of a famous Russian YouTuber, Stas Reeflay.

She was 28 years old at the time of her death. By profession, she was a Blogger and was a regular feature on the ReeFlay channel.

However, not much is known about her, and she was pregnant during her death.

Is Stas Reeflay In Jail?

As per recent reports, Stas Reeflay is in jail.

He is sentenced to six long years in prison for the activity he had done in the past. He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years in a Russian prison.