Jamie Chung Does Not Seem To Be Pregnant As Per HerInstagram Posts

As per her Instagram posts, Jamie Chung does not seem to be pregnant and she seems to have a flat belly even a few days back.

Her Instagram handle @jamiejchung is full of beautiful pictures of herself enjoying her vacations and free time with her friends and family.

Similarly, it was her Instagram through which her fans knew she was not pregnant and the birth of the children must have been through another method.

Furthermore, she tied the knot with Bryan at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California in October 2015 and has been living happily together since then.

Did Jamie Chung Follow Surrogate Method To Have Twin Babies?

Netizens have been assuming that Jamie Chung and her partner became parents of twin babies with the help of a surrogate mother.

The couple has not officially given their statement regarding how they became parents, but it has been pretty much sure that they followed the surrogacy method.

Likewsie, the theory about the surrogate method of becoming parents came forward when Bryan shared a sudden post, about their babies.

As Jamie had not announced herself being pregnant in past, it was then the idea about them being parents through surrogacy hovered on the web.

But this is not shocking news as Jamie and her husband were very eager to become the parents and had started trying this method years before.

Moreover, the couple has not revealed the sex, their names, as well as the birthdate of their children and it seems they want to keep it private.

Is Jamie Chung Pregnant With Her Husband Bryan Greenberg?

Jamie Chung became a parent with her husband Bryan Greenberg but people have been assuming that she was not pregnant.

Due to the rumor about her not being pregnant, internet fans are providing their opinion that Jamie and Bryan became parents through surrogacy.

The fact relating to surrogacy is not confirmed yet, but they seem very happy to be the parents and Bryan share this good news through his Instagram handle.

Her husband held the babies in both his arms toward his chest and captioned the video saying we got the double trouble mentioning Jamie in it.

Friends and family have been showering their good wishes and congratulating the couple for good news and very one are overwhelmed.

The 38-year-old actress and the 43-year-old actor seemed to have been trying to become parents for a long time and this must be giving them a lot of joy.