Barstool Sports Chief Crush Susi Vidal Tiktok: Meet Her On Instagram

Barstool Sports Chief Crush Susi Vidal Tiktok: Meet Her On Instagram

TikToker Susi Vidal from Arizona is now capturing media headlines.

That’s after Chief from Barstool Sports Tweeted “I have my first TikTok crush,” and even share Susi’s video.

Soon enough, Twitter flooded with tweets couching for chief and rushed to wingman him, albeit online.

Later on, Chief posted an article to Barstool Sports about the online crush situation titled ‘Thank You To All The Stoolies For Trying To Get Me A Date With TikTok Star Susi Vidal’.

Soon after on April 6th, Vidal took to Twitter and wrote “I’m blushing. WHAT”.


Meet Susi Vial on TikTok

Susi Vidal TikTok is under the username susi.vidal with 865.1k followers and a massive 15.3m likes to date.

You can mostly see her TikTok is based around cooking hacks, tips, and tricks.

So we can assume that she is a food enthusiast who loves cooking.

She is seen sometimes sharing her daily routines, but rarely.

Her most popular video series from TikTok is OnlyPans, a cooking recipe straight from Susi’s kitchen.

Susi Vidal Age: How old is she?

Susi’s age is 22 years old as of 2021 and she is from Arizona.

She has gained quite a fame from TikTok to the point of being Chief’s Crush.

A for height she might be somewhere around 5feet 3inches to 5feet 7inches tall, scrolling through her social media.

Susi Vida Instagram Bio

Susi’s Instagram handle is under username susividal where her IG quotes “buy me a coffee and I’ll go”.

To date, her Instagram has 127k followers and 797 followings with 87 posts.

Her TikTok is full of cooking recipes and videos whereas her Instagram is full of her adventure and life and sparsely some food diaries.

But her TikTok posts are focused on comedy, lip-sync, and vlog-style videos.

Who are Susi Vidal Parents?

Susi’s parent details are not disclosed yet but she has two sisters who have appeared on her TikTok account.

She attended the University of Arizona.

There is r/susvidal Reddit page on her. As for her boyfriend, it is unclear whether she is in a relationship or not.


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