How Old Was Suzanne Olmsted?

The mother of rapper G-Eazy, Suzanne Olmsted's age was probably around 50-60 years old.

Unfortunately, there is no exact detail about the age and birthdate of the late woman. So, we can only guess her age based on the available information.

The musical artist G-Eazy is 32 years old. So, her mother might have been in the fifties.

Nevertheless, nothing much about the personal life and early age of Olmstead is known.

What Was Suzanne Olmsted Death Cause?

G-Eazy didn't reveal his mother, Suzanne Olmsted's death cause while talking about her passing.

So, it can be pretty tricky to exactly pinpoint Olmstead's cause of demise.

However, he opened up about how she was suffering physically and won't be in pain now, after resting in peace.

This gives a little hint that Suzane might have died due to any physical illness or discomforts.

But as things stand, nothing is confirmed.

Who Was Suzanne Olmsted Husband?

Suzanne Olmsted was married to her husband, Edward Gillum, but she left him when G-Eazy was in first grade.

USA Today, in its reports, has mentioned Olmstead's revealings about her ex-partner.

Suzanne said that Gerald had a destructive relationship with his father and would often get depressed by it. 

That added to the other reasons why Olmstead opted to divorce Edward and raise her two children as a single mom.

What Was Suzanne Olmsted Net Worth?

Suzanne Olmsted is expected to have had a decent net worth value of around $100k.

She worked as an artist, transformer, and magician,  and had a good career as a visual artist.

So, Suzanne surely made a good amount of wealth although the official sources have not confirmed her net worth valuation.

On the other hand, the rapper G-Eazy's net worth value is $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.