Elyse Myers On Instagram

Elyse Myers is not available on Instagram but she is a popular and renowned TikTok user.

Her username is @elysemyers and is enriched with more than 186k followers.

Likewise, her videos have gained over 3.7 million likes.

Elyse Myers Wikipedia Bio

Elyse Myers is a TikTok user and a talented singer who is currently unavailable on the Wikipedia Domain.

She has released various singles, albums, and Eps. In 2016, she released her Ep named Talk which became quite popular at that time.

Looking at her TikTok bio, we can assume that Myers is a web developer by profession.

Likewise, she is also a married lady, but her husband's details are also kept secret from the eyes and ears of media as of now.


#duet with @rossrenrut emotionally invested in this kid’s birthday present reveal. #hypemen #bestfriends #sowholesome?

♬ original sound - Ross Turner

Elyse Myers Age: How Old Is She?

Elyes Myers appears to be between 30 to 32 years old based on her photos and videos.

However, the exact age of Myers is unknown to us as her date of birth is currently unavailable. 

Apart from that, Myers is also a singer, and we can find her on Spotify.

Some of her songs are You Promised Me, Go Home, Crashing Down, and Homesick. She has also launched her two albums named Wall Work and Songs Of Sydney.

Her monthly number of listeners on Spotify is 140 at the moment. Moreover, many other TikTokers have made a duet with her in varieties of videos. 

Elyse Myers TikTok - What Is Taco Bell Dating Story Video?

Elyse Myers is a rising TikToker who is currently the hot topic on the internet.

Recently, Myers uploaded a 2 minutes 42 seconds video on her TikTok account where she shared her dating experience in Taco Bell.

In that clip, Myers said that she was in a dating app where she found a guy. The guy told her to meet him at his home, so Myers drove 45 minutes to his home.

After that, he showed the directions to the restaurant, and they ended up in Taco Bell. So, Myers asked him to dine-in or drive-thru, and the guy told drive-thru.

He ordered 100 hard shell tacos, and later, he admitted that he had forgotten his wallet. So, Myers paid the bill and went to his home, and started eating their food.

Later, Myers left his home collecting the box of Tacos. We can check the official video released b Myers, for the complete details.