Techy Real Name and Face Reveal: Who Is His Girlfriend Strawbys?

Techy Real Name and Face Reveal: Who Is His Girlfriend Strawbys?

Techy real name has not been officially revealed as of now. But he is a well-known social media personality.

Techy is a YouTube star and game streamer who is widely recognized in the gaming world for the Fortnite gameplay and numerous montage videos that he posts in his self-titled, Tube channel, Techy where the channel has made well over 1.08 million subscribers.

Moreover, Techy is a YouTube sensation who is best recognized for posting several informative and interesting videos on his YouTube channel. He began his YouTube journey from November 2014 onwards.

Here in the following article, you will be reading about his girlfriend’s details, the face reveals, and many more.

Techy Face Reveal

As of now, Techy has not officially revealed his face on his YouTube channel. Throughout his videos that he posts, he always seems to tempt and entice his viewers and fans to think that the guy will finally be showing his face. However, in the end, he does not.

But listening to his strong and firm voice, it looks that Techy could have a nice-looking facial feature. We hope that he will be showing his face to his admirers in the future.

Who is Techy Girlfriend Strawbys?

Techy is also known for being in a lovely relationship with his sweet girlfriend, Strawbys. She just like him is a Fortnite game streamer. Talking about their love life, the duo has not made it official, when they first met? Their dating information is kept under the radar.

Techy’s beloved partner, Strawbys is also not only active on her Twitch channel but also on her Instagram account where she has gained more than 18 K followers.

Did Techy And Strawbys Break Up?

Techy has said in a video that Strawbys is no longer his girlfriend. 

In the video, they are seen playing games afterward. However, we are not sure if they were serious or just said it out of a joke.