Has Telepurte Revealed Her Face? Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Has Telepurte Revealed Her Face? Meet The YouTuber On Instagram

Everyone is eager to know whether Telepurte has revealed the face or not as the creator is on the headline for showing the face. Get to learn more about the creator who owns the channel Telepurte.

You might be wondering who Telepurte is and want to see her face. Telepurte is a Youtuber whose identity is still a mystery. 

The unidentified person has a Youtube Channel named Telepurte, with 1.5 million subscribers. Youtube usually posts simple black and white animated videos.

Although the video lasts for few seconds, most of the videos are viewed over 5 million times.

Telepurte Face Reveal: Real Name Exposed

It is rumored that Telepurte’s face is revealed, but no authorized media has confirmed it.

Fortunately, the person reveals her gender, leading her to be a woman. Once, @NobodySpecialSE replied that she is an original as there is nothing much or anything to research.

Most of her videos hold the main character as a girl, and her videos are related to girls’ problems. Some of the videos are related to an adult community, so it is only suitable for the 18+ age group.

Analyzing her videos, she looks to be a learner animator. As her animation is not well-finished and no professionalism can be seen. 

Telepurte Age: How Old Is She?

Telepurte has revealed neither her name nor her age.

Some of her videos contents are related to the adult community. So, it can be assumed that the creator might be above 18 years old.

It seems that the creator has taken the advantage of not revealing her face. Her fans love her creations and the meaning behind the stories.

She revealed that most of the animations were dialogued with herself, self-expression. Some of her videos may have meaning or may not have.

The creator seems to be obsessed with animation, and her passion is delivered via her animated videos.

Meet Telepurte On Instagram

Telepurte, the animator, is on Instagram under the username @telepurte with 39.2 k followers.

The creator has uploaded 33 posts to date and has been following 82 people. Her Instagram posts are filled with her animated videos and pictures.

Simple and short videos with meaningful stories make its space in the hearts of her fans. 

Most of her videos are practically applicable. This may be the reason behind her success.

Telepurte Net Worth: How Much She Earn?

Telepurte’s net worth is unavailable and unclear.

Most of her earing is from Youtube Channel, which has 1.3 million subscribers. As recorded in Google AdSense, the average earning to YouTubers with 1 million subscribers is approximate $100-$400.

Further, she can earn from the Ads on her channel and promotional videos. Since she is famous, many sponsorships may be available for her.

The creator has possibly earing from Instagram and Twitter too.