The Beths Jump Rope Gazers Songs Review, Lyrics and Release Date

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The Beths Jump Rope Gazers Songs Review, Lyrics and Release Date

The Beths are releasing their new album on July 10th via Caprak Records. The New Zealand based indie-pop band has made 10 tracks fro this album and it serves as a sequel to their 2018 album Future Me Hates Me. Some of their songs have been released on digital platforms but the complete release is going to be on July 10, 2020.

The name of the new album is Jump Rope Grazers and the lead track has been released on YouTube as well. Dying to Believe is quite a rock fused with pop kind of a song and has generated quite a lot of attention. I mean as indie bands go, it has generated attention but not as big attention as mainstream pop artists.

The Beth New Album: Jump Rope Grazers

The Beth have scheduled to release their new album Jump Ripe Grazers on July 10, 2020. The name is quite whimsical and has an indie band song album written all over it. The meaning behind the name isn’t quite clear yet but I am sure there must be something meaningful.

The members of The Beths took a picture and they look as if they were on a Wes Anderson set. They are quite whimsical and have indie flavors but I am sure they wouldn’t mind being more popular without compromising their artistry.

They have even decided to go on a tour across the nation because they are from New Zealand where coronavirus pandemic has been very mild and controlled.

Jump Rope Grazers Songs List

Jump Rope Grazers is an album that’s supposed to be a sequel of their 2018 album Future Me Hates Me.  The 2018 album had some well-known fans including comedian Fred Armisen. The songs are not all disclosed yet but the title song has been published already.

The themes of the songs circle around the feelings of anxiety and self- doubt Some songs are banger, uplifting while some are quite sad.

This is the YouTube video for their title song Dying To Believe and it has gathered 136 thousand views on YouTube. Watch the video and read the list of all the tracks included in this album:

  1. I’m not getting excited
  2. Dying To Believe
  3. Jump Rope Grazers
  4. Acrid
  5. Do You Want Me Now
  6. Out Of Sight
  7. Don’t Go Away
  8. Mars, The God Of War
  9. You Are a Beam Of Light
  10. Just Shy Of Sure

Lyrics Of The Dying To Believe Song

Because only the song “Dying to believe”  has been released, this is the only lyrics that you can find on the internet. You can use the above link and see that YouTube video to know the lyrics of the song. So far, we only know hat the lyrics are centered around self-doubt and anxiety and that’s all we know.

Release Date Of “Jump Rope Grazers”

As I have already said, the album “Jump Rope Grazers” is scheduled to release fully on July 10, 2020. you can order the vinyl or CD on Amazon. Moreover, you can also use digital platforms to download music.

If you are looking to download the music for free, you might have to wait for a while.

Download Link Of Jump Rope Grazers

If you need the download link of the album “Jump Rope Grazers”, this is where you need to click. The Bandcamp profile lets you listen to one of the songs “Dying To Believe” and there are other links to pre-order the album and such.

Besides, you could also use Spotify and Itunes to download the song once it gets released on those platforms.

Reviews Of Jump Rope Grazers

The reviews for Jump Rope Grazers are going to be available when the album releases fully. s of now, my review of the one track that they have released is quite fantastic. It was my first time listening to The Beths but I like it.