Who Are Royal Everett And Wife Angenette Everett? Know About The New Members Of The Family Chantel Show

Who Are Royal Everett And Wife Angenette Everett? Know About The New Members Of The Family Chantel Show

Royal Everett And Wife Angenette Everett are American Television Personalities, are probably in their age between 30-35 and 20-25 respectively. Let’s know everything detailed information about the royal couple who participated in the TV reality show.

Royal Everett And Wife Angenette Everett are the royal couples recently famous for their appearance in the American TV reality show The Family Chantel Season 2.

The royal couple is getting ready for their parenthood, and they couldn’t bear their excitement. Angenette is thriving away from the cameras.

Let’s hope they have a beautiful and happy family ahead.

Who Are Royal And Angenette Everett?

Royal and Angenette Everett is the royal couples who are expecting their first child together later this year.

The couple is of different ethnicity and nationality. Royal Everett is from a royal family from Georgia, the United States, whereas his wife Angenette is from Cagayan Valley, Phillippines.

They were linked after Angenette sent him a friend request on Facebook. Royal went to the Philippines to glimpse her and got engaged after just one trip to Phillippines. 

Initially, his royal family did not accept her for being an ordinary family from the Philippines. Later, the couple fought for their love and got accepted.

Royal And Angenette Everett Age And Wiki Details

As recorded on Wiki, Royal Everette is at the age of 33, and Angenette is 24.

Royal was born in 1998, Georgia, United States. His birthdate and birthplace are yet to be revealed.

Likewise, Angenette was born and raised by her parents in Cagayan Valley, Philippines. She was born in 1997, and her actual date of birth is unavailable.

The identity of both of them is still unclear. There is no further information regarding their family members.

Royal And Angenette Everett Baby – Is Angenette Pregnant?

Yes, Angenette Evertt is pregnant and ready to give birth to a baby after two months, recorded on ShowbizArmy. 

The couple declared about their parenthood from the show, the Family Chantel Season 2. Angenette shared an adorable baby gender reveal with her fans and seems ready to bear motherhood.

The Family Chantel couple worked things outs, and the family is happy now. The couple is head over heels with lots of love, joy, happiness.

Royal’s family doubted her about her family back in the Philippines. But the couple fought for their love, and now they are on the right track to start their new family.

Meet Royal And Angenette Everett On Instagram

Royal and Angenette Everette are on Instagram. Unfortunately, their accounts are private.

Angenette Wylie is available under the username @angenette_wylie, a private account. At the same time, her husband’s Instagram page is unknown.

They seem to keep their personal information in their circle. They love privacy rather than getting unnecessary fame.