The Hater Netflix Release Date, Cast and Plot Explained

The Hater Netflix Release Date, Cast and Plot Explained

The Hater is fictional and psychological drama fans are raving about. Due to the international appeal and reach of Netflix, it has become known for bringing relatable and acclaimed films from all over the world, to the mainstream audience. 

The movie is the latest addition in dark but entertaining selections the platform has become known for. While it is a fiction movie it portrays some subject matter incredibly relatable to real-modern life.  

Release Date

The Hater is releasing on Netflix on July 29, 2020. The political thriller has a runtime of

Vanessa Aleksander is cast as Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Krasucka. She is a young upcoming actress and is only 24 years old. Her portrayal of one of the victims of the lead character on the show has received praise. 

Agata Kulesza-Figurska

Beata Santorska has been portrayed by Agata Kulesza-Figurska. She is a veteran actress who has been active in the film industry since 1992. She first came into prominence after her appearances on the Polish version of Dancing With The Stars.

Danuta Stenka plays Zofia Krasucka and is a member of the all-powerful Polish upper-class family of Krasuckas, who are the main antagonists or victims on the show. 

Another one of the upper-class family members Robert Krasucka is portrayed by Jacek Koman. He is one of the most veteran actors in the film and is a legend in the Polish film industry. 

Some of his popular films are The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Children of Men, Small Time Gangster, etc.

Maciej Jerzy Stuhr

Paweł Rudnicki is played by Maciej Jerzy Stuhr. The 45-year-old actor has films like 33 Scenes from Life, Listy do M., Testosterone, Walesa. Man of Hope etc. 

Adam Gradowski as Stefan ‘Guzek’ Guzkowski is also one of the most beloved actors in the film. 


The film is widely considered the sequel to director Jan Komasa’s film ‘Suicide Room’ which came in 2011. The premise is centralized on a man and his excessive use of social media that he uses to maintain control.

Jan’s lead character is a virtual manipulator and has a lot of darkness within him. His film former to this one used a similar plot. The ‘Suicide Room’ tells the story of the protagonist who is forced to kiss another guy in a game of truth or dare and has the video posted online.

Cyberbullying and mental torture commence which causes him to spiral down a dark path. In The Hater, we see things from the perspective of the social media manipulator who uses the internet to enter into a world saturated with darkness.

The lead character is a master at faking news and spreading false information on the web, and he uses his skills to harass the Krasuckis, one of the most well-of families in the land. 

Formerly, the lead, Tomasz Giemza was a law student but he was humiliated and disgraced due to his actions. Then he joins a PR company. While working there he discovers an organized group of trolls. He excels as one of the biggest trolls using his skills to control and manipulate the Krasucki family. 

Things turn thick as he discovers that his online actions have dire real-life consequences. 

Ratings And Reception

The director, Jan has given many acclaimed dramas that deal with subject matter relating to the one shown in The Hater. Similarly, the 2020 film has received 7.1/10 on IMDb. 

Likewise, a lot of fans have rated the film highly saying that it is relatable to the present context and presents a unique perspective on the world of social media that is rarely talked about. Although the film had to be taken off theatres due to the Coronavirus pandemic it still managed to be in the good graces of the audience. 


The trailer for the movie is given below


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