The Nest 2020 Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

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The Nest 2020 Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

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The Nest is a popular mini TV series which was broadcasted on BBC one from 22 March 2020 to 13 April 2020. This big hit five part series of BBC one gained its popularity among viewers with its emotional relationship thriller.

The BBC revealed that it was the greatest drama launched by them this year and revealed that it had an average of 9 million viewers. The Nest has been appreciated by the viewers due to its grasping and interesting story with several twists.

In this series, a happy wealthy couple and a teenage girl with precarious life make a pact which will change all of their lives forever. This popular Glasgow based show is now going to be released in Acorn TV so get ready for streaming it.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Nest 2020 including cast, plot, release date and trailer.

Release Date

The first two episodes of the British TV series “The Nest 2020” would be on Acorn TV on Monday, 13th July 2020 and the remaining three episodes would be released for the following weeks every Monday.


The series follows the life of a loving couple Dan and Emily Docherty who are crazy about each other. The life of this couple who live in a huge house in a beautiful location in Glasgow seems to be picture-perfect. But one thing that is missing in their life is a baby which they have been trying to conceive for years.

Being unable to conceive they meet Kaya through a chance encounter. Kaya is an 18-year old girl who live in the other side of the city and her life is on thin ice as compared to Dan and Emily’s comfortable life.

When Kaya agrees to become their surrogate, it feels like they were meant to come together, but was it really by pure luck? The series explores about Kaya’s mysterious identity and what is her real intention to come to the couple. The show is about love, trust, money and the cost of being able to buy whatever you want.

This interesting relationship story is depicted in five episodes with each episode an hour long.


The Royal Television Society and BAFTA-winning writer Nicole Taylor created this British TV series and the cast for the show are given below:

Sophie Rundle as Emily Docherty

Sophie Rundle who is best known for her role as Ada Shelby from Peaky Blinders portrays the role of the wife, Emily Docherty in The Nest 2020. You might also know her as Ann walker from Gentleman Jack, Vicky Budd from Bodyguard, Labia from the sitcom Episodes, Lucy from The Bletchley Circle or Alice from Jamestown.

Martin Compston as Dan Docherty

The famous Line of Duty star Martin Compston is portraying the role of the husband, Dan Docherty. Martin is also known for his roles in Sweet Sixteen, in The Wee Man as Paul Ferris, in Monarch of the Glen as Ewan Brodie. Compston said that he was absolutely delighted to be starred on The Nest. He also mentioned that Nicole Taylor is one of the most exciting and original voices in writing today, so he is chuffed to finally work together with her.

Mirren Mack as Kaya

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It wasn’t all blood, dirt and tears. Some wee smiley bits! Excited for tonights final episode🕺🏼9pm BBC 1🕺🏼 Will miss Kaya and all this madness. massive love for @nixypix who is the most incredible writer and has created more twists than a flump🍭 To the most amazing duo, @sophiesophierundle who is literal sunshine🌻and just an incredible talent I am in awe of and the same to @mrmartincompston who has been a total inspiration to me as an actor, who is truly amazing and a magic human🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 my fairy godmother @bailey_patrick_ the brilliant and lovely @samuel.small1 @harkness66 who I think is one of the funniest folk I’ve ever met (also pure brilliant), @_katieleung_ and Kate Dickie who are both awesome and I wish we had more scenes, Liz who I adore and Shirley who I cannot believe I get to act with in this episode. The gorgeous babies Billie and Bonnie who are absolutely amazing wee ones. Thank you to the most brilliant directors I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to work with @andy_de_e and @simenalsvik and of course thank you to @studiolambert and @bbc WHAT AN EXPERIENCE ♥️

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Mirren Mack acts for the role of Kaya, the surrogate in this series. She is a newcomer Scottish actress. She had also appeared on three episodes of a Netflix series called Sex Education for the role of Florence.

Other cast members of The Nest includes James Harkness as James, Bailey Patrick as Callum, David Hayman as Souter, Fiona Bell as Hilary, Shirley Henderson as Siobhan, Liz Ewing as Janis and Katie Leung as Eleanor.

The Royal Television Society-winning writer Nicole Taylor and BAfta created this British TV series


You can watch the official trailer of The Nest 2020 here.